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Directors Impact Statement 2021-22

Pupil Outcomes

Challenge and support from Directors and the way they hold leaders to account has supported the drive for high standards across the trust. Notable improvements are in attainment of phonics in all 3 schools at the end of Y1 and attainment in reading at KS2. Rigorous Curriculum & Standards committee meetings hold leaders to account and expose any areas for development swiftly.

External Reviews

Directors commissioned external reviews in Safeguarding and Governance during 2021-22. This has allowed external verification of the areas we are doing well and provided some next steps so we can ensure that in these 2 vital areas we are ensuring best practise.

Financial Planning and Management

As part of monitoring short and long term financial plans Directors have worked with the leadership team to proactively manage finances to address future budget strain and financial risk. As a result of this approach all schools in the Trust have maintained (and even increased) surplus budgets putting them in a robust position in the current economic climate. It has also enabled the schools to appoint additional staff in areas of specific need, and the Trust to strengthen its central team.

Professional Development and Support Strategy

The appointment of Director of Maths and English in 2021-22 has supported teachers to develop the teaching and delivery of these subjects and will contribute to improved pupil outcomes over time. The use of our CPD arm; NWLP ensures the most up to date training and development is accurately identified and readily available for all staff.

Monitoring of Risk

Identification of succession planning as a priority risk for the Trust led to the development of a succession planning and talent management strategy. This has enabled recruitment and promotion linked to skills allowing the timely filling of positions without break in delivery.

As a result of identifying potential capital costs of repairs and maintenance of plant and buildings as a priority risk Directors have commission detailed condition surveys and costed long term capital work plans to allow or proper financial planning.


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