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The Three Saints Academy Trust believes that the most effective school is one where individuality is celebrated and everyone is valued. We have high expectations of both children and staff as we firmly believe that every child has the right to enjoy a high-quality education.

Each of our schools are part of their local community and retain their sense of identity. As a Church of England Trust our Christian distinctiveness is integral to all we do to ensure that our children grow to embody our Christian values and develop into thoughtful, kind and successful citizens.

Supporting our academies is The North West Learning Partnership and National Maths Hub. As a result our staff remain fully up-to-date with the newest and best methods of teaching for our own children as well as supporting other schools and staff.

The Three Saints Academy Trust has recognised leaders in the field of education identified by our National Leader and several Specialist Leaders of Education. This ensures that The Three Saints Academy Trust remains a high quality provider of education.

Kirsty Tennyson - CEO of Three Saints Academy Trust