The Three Saints Academy Trust


Chair of Directors Amy Bradley
Liverpool Diocese Education Trust Stuart Harrison
Member appointed by LDET Elizabeth Collins
Member appointed by LDET Geoff Almond
Member appointed by LDET Ella Rose


Chair St Mary & St Thomas Elizabeth Collins
Chair St Ann’s Amy Bradley
CEO Kirsty Haw
MD Rebecca Wilkinson
- David Jarvis
Vice Chair Lesley Traves
- Neil Ellis
- vacancy
- vacancy

Finance Board

- Neil Ellis
- Amy Bradley
- Kirsty Haw
- Rebecca Wilkinson
- David Jarvis

Registered Address:
Barton Close,
St Helens,
WA10 2HS

Tel: 01744 678010 
Fax: 01744 678013


Teaching School: 07446 446418

Registered in England 9626002